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About the Symposium

Theme: Conservation and Innovation: Changing the Regional Water Paradigm

Water is intimately connected to the way of life in the Caribbean – reaching across environment, economy, social well-being, systems of governance, rights and dignity. Many of the anticipated impacts of climate change, including unpredictable weather patterns and increases in the intensity of extreme climate events, have severe implications for the region’s water security and overall development. Increased incidences of droughts and hurricanes are already exacerbating water scarcity across the region, posing significant threats to human health and well-being and the productivity of key sectors such as tourism and agriculture.


Addressing existing issues confronting the regional water sector, such as challenges regarding the storage, treatment and distribution of available water resources, is therefore key to adapting the Caribbean to future climate changes and in achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 on Water and several other related SDGs. Water is also critical for successful climate change mitigation given its importance to energy security.


Caribbean Science Symposium on Water

Conservation and Innovation
Changing the Regional Water Paradigm

March 21st – 22nd, 2023

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The 2021 Caribbean Science Symposium on Water brought together representatives from the research, science, development, economic, legislative and policy communities, practitioners from water and related sectors, young professionals, university students and more, to share and discuss ideas on ongoing scientific studies, initiatives, innovations and best practices related to enhancing water secure developments and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Caribbean.

The three-day virtual event included:

An Opening and Closing Ceremony

Two (2) Keynote Presentations

Scientific, Research, Technical and Exploratory Paper Sessions under the following themes:

- Water and Climate Change

- Resilience

- Public Health and Water Quality

Two (2) Moderated Sessions targeted at regional organisations, representatives from research, science, development, economic, legislative and policy communities, water and other sector specialists, government ministers, permanent secretaries, heads of water utilities, funding agencies and more:

- “Bridging the Science-Policy Divide”

- “Time to take a regional approach to Integrated
   Water Resources Management (IWRM)”

Roundtable Discussions on:

- Wastewater Management

- Youth and Water

Young Caribbean Water Entrepreneurs Session

Plenary Discussions

& Presenters
Professor Michael Taylor.JPG
Keynote Speaker on Day 1 (March 23rd, 2021):
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
The University of the West Indies (UWI)
Mona Campus
Rianna Gonzales - Keynote Speaker.jpg
Keynote Speaker on Day 2 (March 24th, 2021):
Youth Engagement Specialist
Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Other Featured Speakers

Speaker - Senator the Honourable Simon S
Day 1 (March 23rd, 2021):
Senator the Honourable Simon Stiell
Minister for Climate Resilience and the Environment of Grenada
Speaker - Darío Soto-Abril.jpg
Day 2 (March 24th, 2021):
Darío Soto-Abril
Global Water Partnership (GWP) Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

2021 Presenters

Akilah Stewart.jpg
Topic: Water Poverty Index of three rural communities in the southern Caribbean
Miquel Garcia.jpg
Topic: Examining the seasonal extent of riverine plumes and the effect of intense flooding events in the Gulf of Paria
Mihiri Sonalie Bogollagama.jpeg


Topic: Nutrient concentrations in surface and subterranean water sources in the Southern Region of Grenada

Yoany Sánchez Cruz.JPG


Topic: Identification of risks in the water supply infrastructure, strategy to increase resilience

Melissa Curtis.jpg
Topic: Hydrological Modelling of Streamflow and Water Demand in Jamaica: case study from the Rio Cobre Basin using SWAT and WEAP models
Ramgopaul Roop.jpg
Topic: Integrated soil and water management on smallholder family-farms in building resilience to hydrometeorological hazards in Trinidad
Marsha Allen.jpg


Topic: Use of environmental tracers (tritium3H and SF6) to improve knowledge of aquifer storage capacity, residence time and sustainability in the crystalline rock island aquifer of Tobago, West Indies

Francesca Marino.jpg
Topic: Rapid Vulnerability Assessment for Adaptation Planning in the Caribbean Water Sector
Evan S. Cayetano.png


Topic: Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in Caribbean Utilities

Francisco Nuñez.jpg
Topic: Caribbean Water Funds
Donna Blake.png


Topic: Caribbean Water Funds

Adam R. Snyder.png


Topic: Wastewater Management in the Caribbean: An Opportunity Analysis

Presenter - Pedro Moreo.jpg


Topic: Building on the GEF CReW Project: GEF CReW+

Katharina Schaaff - GIZ Presenter.jpg


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Representative – A co-executing agency of the GEF CReW+ Project.

Yekini Wallen-Bryan - 2019 Shark Tank Wi


2019 Winner of the GWP-C Young Caribbean Water Entrepreneurs Shark Tank Competition

Look out for details on our 2023 Symposium speakers and presenters soon.

Click above to see our 2021 Symposium Moderators and Facilitators

our 2021 symposium Partners

The Global Water Partnership-Caribbean was pleased to have the support of its Caribbean Science Symposium on Water Partners: Caribbean WaterNet (Cap-Net), The Faculty of Food and Agriculture of The University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus, The Global Environment Facility-funded CReW+ Project and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Caribbean. Learn more about our 2021 Symposium Partners by clicking their logos below.

Caribbean WaterNet Logo.png
UWI FFA Logo.png
GEF CReW+ (Symposium Partner).jpg
TNC Logo.png

PERSPECTIVES PAPER – Status, Need and Role of Freshwater Storage in the Caribbean (March 2021)


PERSPECTIVES PAPER – Impact of Land Use Change on Water Resources, Availability and Water Quality in Saint Lucia (March 2021) 


PERSPECTIVES PAPER – Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for the Caribbean Water Sector (May 2020)

GWP Valuing Water Stories from across the globe - A multimedia publication 


The 2021 Symposium Magazine

Download the 2021 Caribbean Science Symposium on Water Magazine and find all presenters' abstracts, learn more about the Symposium, find out more about GWP-C and some of its latest water-related knowledge products and more.

2021 Symposium Magazine with Visual Summaries  


Download the 2021 Symposium Magazine which includes 13 visual summaries of key aspects of the GWP-C Caribbean Science Symposium on Water. The graphics reflect significant insights and inputs from the Symposium’s opening ceremony, keynote speeches, paper sessions and presentations, feature addresses, roundtable discussions, moderated sessions, youth sessions and more. 

Saving Water: The Journey of Two Caribbean Kids to Understanding Water Security


Get now on Amazon – GWP-C’s first-ever kids book “Saving Water: The Journey of Two Caribbean Kids to Understanding Water Security.” This book takes the reader on an educational adventure through the beautiful and intriguing Caribbean. It follows the journey of a pair of twins and their parents as they navigate by yacht to 15 destinations to observe the main water security issues plaguing each territory and the possible solution. The aim of our little hero and heroine is to advocate for water security in the Caribbean by becoming Water Changemakers. 

(Kindle and Paperback Versions)

2021 Symposium Presentations


Access presentations from the GWP-C 2021 Caribbean Science Symposium on water below. 

The 2021 Symposium in 13 Visuals


Access 13 images that provide a visual summary of key aspects of the GWP-C 2021 Caribbean Science Symposium on Water. The graphics reflect significant insights and inputs from the Symposium’s opening ceremony, keynote speeches, paper sessions and presentations, feature addresses, roundtable discussions, moderated sessions, youth sessions and more. 

(Visual 13) Summary Visual of Symposium.
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